Truck Leasing

Fleet ownership can become an unnecessary burden to large companies, municipalities, governments & even small businesses. By leasing your fleet with IMT you can regain access to lines of credit, increase your cash flow & reduce truck/vehicle operating costs. By leasing your fleet your unlocking your companies’ full potential. One of the many benefits of full service leasing is having the ability to operate state of the art equipment without the high costs of fleet ownership.

At IMT it is our number one priority to provide clients with large or small fleets the equipment needed to perform the job. IMT truck/vehicle leasing provides solutions to consumers, companies, municipalities and government institutions. IMT is not only a truck leasing company, but we are also a vehicle/truck equipment distributor, which means we are a one stop shop for leasing and outfitting vehicles for your specific application. While this may seem like an odd combination it will allow your company or municipality to economize your fleet through aggregate pricing while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint through some of our renewable energy programs.

Aggregated fleet and equipment leasing will allow your company to save money as well as reduce vehicle down-time by every service being handled under one roof. Vehicle leasing is often thought of to be a service that only large companies can utilize. However, this is not the case vehicle leasing offers many advantages vs ownership. The biggest advantage to leasing vs owning your fleet is the money that can be saved by only operating your fleet instead of maintaining it. Another big advantage to fleet leasing is having the ability to upgrade the fleet to new vehicles as often as every two years. This means you will always have the ability to upgrade to new vehicles. Having new vehicles has three distinct advantages over operating older vehicles such as lower maintenance costs than older vehicles, lower operational costs than older vehicles (fuel, tires and preventative maintenance services) and drastically reduced vehicle down time due to major vehicle repairs. Unbeknownst to most fleet owners/managers that fleets under shorter life trade in cycles have drastically reduced maintenance costs with 80 to 90 percent of all repairs being oil changes, tire replacement, brake replacement & repairs & general PM (preventative maintenance) services. Thus, allowing your fleet to operate longer without the hassle of costly repairs and constant breakdowns.

With a full-service lease from IMT your company will have the ability to outfit your fleet with the necessary equipment to perform the job. IMT leases class 1-8 vehicles & even luxury vehicles. We lease everything from a fleet of hybrid cars to class 8 OTR tractors (Semi Trucks). Outfitting your fleet to your standards is our number one priority. At IMT we work with OEM vehicle manufacturers as well as equipment manufacturers to provide our customers with the best possible solutions for their fleets. We can handle most fleet applications it doesn’t matter if you need standard OTR trucks or a custom solution requiring multiple truck types we’ve got you covered.


Benefits of Leasing;

  • Leasing can unlock the credit & capital tied up in your fleet & improving cash flow
  • Improved vehicle uptime
  • Guaranteed maintenance costs
  • Scheduled PM maintenance
  • Built in fleet disposal
  • Ability to operate new trucks


Full Service Lease Services;


                                Fleet Maintenance & Repairs

  • IMT offers dedicated maintenance programs to suite your fleet. Assuring you that you do not over pay or pay for maintenance solutions you don’t need.

Preventive Maintenance

  • IMT builds your PM schedule around your fleets operating schedule to minimize interference with fleet operations.

Scheduled Maintenance

  • IMT’s scheduled maintenance programs allow predictable pricing for routine maintenance such as tire & brake replacements, vehicle break downs, battery replacements & oil changes. All at a fixed monthly cost.


Telematics/Fleet Tracking Services


  • Customers have the ability to track their fleet through cellular or GPS tracking systems.
  • Redundant tracking systems for high value loads.
  • Customers have the ability to log in to our system & tracking their vehicles with real time data
  • Driver Monitoring (driver speeds, braking habits, hard stops, hard acceleration, & idle time monitoring)
  • Remote Engine & Diagnostic monitoring allowing you to monitor truck vitals anytime anywhere.

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