Solutions For Bus/Coach Companies

When you install one of our systems into your private charter buses, public transit buses, school buses rv’s, boats, ­­ trucks & equipment you give your customers & clients the connectivity and peace of mind they demand.

Make more money.  When you install one of our systems on your private coach or public transit system you have the ability to add advertisements to your log in page which will help you earn revenue and increase your bottom line, we can also set up a payment system, in which your customers can pay with a credit card to access the internet.

Beef up security. When you install one of our tracking, camera or theft deterrent systems you are protecting your assets as well as protecting yourself from potential law suits. When you have the ability to monitor a vehicle 24/7 365 and view onboard diagnostics anywhere, you’re protecting yourself from unscrupulous people & frivolous law suits.

  • Mobile CCTV Systems. Protect your company, your assets and protect consumers/customers by monitoring the activity on your vehicle. We have the ability to back up your video surveillance systems on a cloud network.
  • Vehicle range monitoring. Do you want to keep your vehicles in a certain range, a city or state? Well there’s good news for you. Every time your vehicle leaves a designated area you will be notified immediately.
  • Monitor your drivers. Driver error is the #1 cause of accidents on Americas highways. Protect your company, your assets and your employees by monitoring they’re every move with our fleet tracking/telematics solutions. You’ll have the ability to monitor driver speed, brake usage, and engine diagnostics at the touch of a button. You’ll even be able to provide black box data to insurance companies.

Monitor network usage.  Monitor your customers/employees network usage with ease using tracking software.

Keep your passengers entertained.  Keep your passengers entertained with satellite television, individual passenger entertainment systems and many more custom entertainment options. Contact us now for more information on a custom solution for your company.

Keep your passengers secure and entertained by utilizing our products. All of our At Indiana Motor Trucks we provide the following services for Bus/Coach Companies.

Route Planning. We have the ability to plan your fleets route to maximize fuel efficiency & cut down on fuel consumption.

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