Refrigerated Trailers

Kidron Emperor G2

Extra Durability by Design to Lower Your Lifecycle Costs

With maximized strength-to-weight ratio, Kidron’s  G2 trailer introduces a new generation of food service distribution advantages, uniquely designed to increase efficiency and lower the cost of delivering refrigerated products.

Available in industry standard lengths up to 53′, the G2 is designed for the abuses associated with multi-stop refrigerated product distribution. The G2 is designed for flexibility of operation and can be  customized to meet your unique delivery needs.

The G2 is backed by over a half-century of Kidron experience in the refrigerated truck and trailer industry. Each  G2 trailer is manufactured to Kidron’s high standards for quality and durability.

Emperor G2 Features

Strong Bottom Rail

The large exterior bottom rail enhances the trailer’s strength and is available with both steel and aluminum crossmembers.

Impact Resistant Rear Frame

Stainless steel rear frame is designed to withstand the common abuses of dock deliveries. New recessed stainless steel handle is a smooth, clean design with rear weld points

Front Corner Casting

Kidron’s classic three-piece nose rail with corner casting is rugged and easily repaired.

Robust Roof System

High strength aluminum sheet bonded to 1½” deep aluminum -beam roof bows placed on 24” centers offers extraordinary rigidity, reduced weight and strength to the overall roof structure while eliminating the possibility of rust in foam cavities.

Protected Rear Lights

For maximum protection, the design has a 3/8” stainless steel eyebrow and 3/16” doubler plate reinforcement.

High-Strength Upper Coupler

One-piece ¼” or 3/8” high-strength steel full-width mainbeam and approach plate provide superior strength and durability. The design integrates a 10GA by 3½” bulkhead that ties the front posts to the upper coupler and prevents front wall damage associated with forklift loading. Hot dipped galvanized is an option.

Rugged Suspension

Designed for extra durability and frame strength, our structure incorporates components that are both ight weight and rugged. To avoid corrosion, suspension may be galvanized.

Durable Landing Gear

High tensile steel wing plate is attached to a 2” by 2” by ¼” structural steel angle providing durability and ease of repair. Rugged stanchion plates, fore and aft, properly direct forces associated with severe drop and hook operations. Landing gear and other understructure parts can be hot dipped in molton zinc to prevent corrosion.

G2 Options:
The Most Custom Options in the Industry