Luxury Vehicle Leasing

Leasing a luxury vehicle can be a rewarding decision for you or your business. Leasing through IMT will allows you drive luxury vehicles without putting you or your company’s credit at risk, worrying about high maintenance costs and having to worry about vehicle depreciation.


Why it makes sense lease your luxury car from IMT leasing


  • Luxury car leasing is actually quite common – Unbeknownst to most roughly 75% of all luxury cars are leased.
  • Lower Monthly Payments – When leasing a vehicle, you only pay for its depreciation during the life of your lease. Thus, you pay substantially less than when purchasing a vehicle which requires you to pay for the entire vehicle – including taxes, fees and finance fees should you take a loan on it
  • Vehicle depreciation – There are a few very important questions you must ask for yourself or your company when purchasing a vehicle such as, what will my car be worth once it is paid for? or what will my trade in value be?
  1. On average a new vehicle loses 11% percent of its value the moment you leave the lot, and during first five years the vehicle depreciates 15% to 25% percent per year.
  2. And if that doesn’t scare you enough on average after five years your car is only worth on average 37% percent of what you paid for it.
  • Leases are tax deductible for businesses – If you’re self employed or own the the business, a vehicle lease can be written of as a business expense.




Brands We Lease

  • Cadillac
  • Mercedes
  • Bentley
  • Maserati
  • Chevrolet
  • Nissan
  • Infiniti
  • Range Rover
  • GMC
  • Porsche
  • Audi


Benefits of leasing with IMT

  • Free oil changes throughout the life of your lease (Some exclusions may apply)
  • Free routine maintenance services (Battery replacement, headlight replacement, vehicle inspections etc.)
  • Free quarterly vehicle detailing (Every 3 months) throughout the life of your lease.
  • Free tire rotations throughout the life of your lease
  • Free preventative maintenance services and inspections
  • Your first two brake services are free (Some exclusions may apply)


Leasing options


  • Maintenance Programs Leasing with IMT allows you to select a maintenance plan that works for you or your company’s budget. As aforementioned above some maintenance services come standard with the lease.


  • Standard Maintenance Program – Our standard maintenance program allows you to prepay for certain maintenance services such as brake jobs, tire replacements and engine service.
  • Platinum Maintenance Program – With the Platinum Maintenance Program, your total repair costs are built into the lease which allows you to spread the costs of maintenance throughout the lease. This allows you to avoid large cash expenditures to repair your vehicle


  • Vehicle Outfitting IMT gives you the ability to upgrade your vehicle to better serve you for work or pleasure. Some of our outfitting products and services include but are not limited to;


  • Wi-Fi connectivity for your vehicle – Adding Wi-Fi to your vehicle(s) can be great for those who need to utilize high speed internet on the go or stay in contact in hard to reach areas.


Using our highspeed mobile routers will allow you to reach speeds of up to 100Mbps per second, or 60Mbps per second with encryption which will allow you to send and receive sensitive data.


Dual Embedded Cellular* and Redundant SIM Slots – Up to two cellular modems and redundant SIM slots allow you to use up to four different cellular providers for bandwidth bonding, data overage protection or eliminating blind spots.



  • GPS Fleet Management – Track your devices wherever they are using our interactive maps. Check vehicle speed, cellular coverage, and traffic conditions. Play back route histories in real-time.




Vehicle CustomizationIMT has a variety of modification products/service to enhance and personalize any luxury vehicle such as;

  • Custom wheels and tires – Custom wheels and tires are a great way to make your car stand out from the crowd, and really give your ride a wow factor.
  • Performance Upgrades – IMT affords our customers the ability to add light performance modifications to their vehicles including but not limited to performance brakes, performance wheels and tires, cold air intakes and horsepower tuners and programmers
  • Custom Interiors – IMT provides custom interiors to take the comfort and luxury of your vehicle to another level. Custom interiors allow you to personally style your vehicle for maximum comfort, style and luxury.
  • Custom Vehicle Wraps – Vehicle wraps allow you change the appearance of your vehicle. Giving you the ability to advertise your business or create a personalized one of a kind color scheme for your vehicle.
  • Window Tinting – Tinting your windows can be done for business or pleasure ensuring that your or your employees have the privacy they need.


Disclaimer -. (All vehicle modifications are approved by IMT and meet all government emissions and safety standards).