Hauler Beds/Bodies

The Alum-Line Pro-Hauler Heavy Duty Truck Bodies are western style all aluminum truck beds loaded with appealing looks and features. You will appreciate the heavy duty construction and custom design that will make your truck a one-of-a kind. Built with durability in mind your All Aluminum Pro-Hauler Heavy Duty Truck Bodies will stand the test of time.

Smooth sides or diamond plate construction is just one of the choices available in customizing your new aluminum truck beds. Alum-Line’s Pro-Hauler Heavy Duty Truck Bodies are essentially customized to meet your needs. You choose the designs of your heavy duty truck bodies along with options to give aluminum truck beds your personal touch.

Click on the “Specifications”┬átab to see more information and begin customizing your Alum-Line All Aluminum Pro-Hauler Heavy Duty Truck Bodies today.


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Main Construction Standard Feature Option
All aluminum one piece construction Yes
.125 Smooth construcion (recommend paint) Yes
.190 Smooth construcion (recommend paint) Yes
.125 Diamond plate construction Yes
.190 Diamond plate construction Yes
3″ I-beam crossmembers .190 thick on 16″ centers Yes
3″ I-beam crossmembers .190 thick on 12″ centers Yes
Heavy duty 3″ I-beam mounting sills .190 thick (on some models) Yes
Heavy duty 4″ channel mounting sills .250 thick (on some models) Yes
2″ x 4″ Tubular constructed tapered headache rack with window Yes
Tapered corners Yes
Popular Sizes Standard Feature Option
8′ 6″L x 80″ W (fits long box, single wheel box delete trucks) Available
9′ L x 94″ W (fits 60″ CA, dual wheel cab and chassis trucks except Dodge) Available
9′ 2″ L x 94″ W (fits 60″ CA, dual wheel cab and chassis trucks including Dodge) Available
11′ L x 94″ W (fits 84″ CA, dual wheel cab and chassis trucks) Available
Increase/decrease length of bed (up to 24′) Yes
Increase/decrease width of bed Yes
Flooring Standard Feature Option
.125 Aluminum diamond plate Yes
.190 Aluminum diamond plate Yes
Hinged 14″ x 14″ gooseneck trap door Yes
Hinged 32″ x 32″ 5th wheel opening with double doors Yes
3″ Deep by 14″ wide open trough built into floor Yes
Tie Down System Standard Feature Option
2000# Stainless steel recessed rope rings Yes
3500# Recessed swivel tie rings Yes
Tow-Rax tie down system on Yes
Aluminum E-track tie down system Yes
Decorative tie rails Yes
Frame Mounted Hitch Options Standard Feature Option
22K 5th Wheel hitch with rails installed Yes
2-5/16″ Ball plate Yes
Drop hitch – tube type (10K cap.) Yes
Heavy-duty rubber cushion adjustable hitch Yes
Heavy-duty drop hitch – tube type (14K cap.) Yes
B&W turnover ball hitch Yes
Electrical and Wiring Standard Feature Option
Enclosed electrical wiring with connections Yes
11 Sealed beam marker lights (9 on 80″ wide unit) Yes
Extra marker lights Yes
2 Sealed beam stop/tail/turn lights Yes
Extra stop/tail/turn lights Yes
L.E.D. light package Yes
2 Sealed beam stop/tail/turn lights and two reverse lights in headache rack Yes
2 L.E.D. stop/tail/turn lights and two reverse lights in headache rack Yes
L.E.D. Backup lights Yes
Electric brake kit and wiring Yes
Side Options Standard Feature Option
Above body boxes and upright side boxes of different sizes built into body Yes
Recessed aluminum fuel intakes Yes
Two 20″ long built in front underbody boxes (size can be increased or decreased) Yes
Material matching rolled fender flares Yes
20″ Long built in rear underbody boxes (size can be increased or decreased) Yes
Above deck side height (2″, 4″, 6″, or 8″ tall) Yes
Factory matching paint Yes
Misc. Options Standard Feature Option
Expanded mesh for headache rack window Yes
2″ x 1/4″ flat bar louvers welded into headache rack window Yes
Above ladder rack Yes
6″ Diamond plate step bumper with gussets Yes
V-notch in step bumper Yes