Gooseneck Low Profile Flatbed

Only Alum-Line brings you Gooseneck Low Profile Heavy Equipment Flatbed Trailers with all aluminum construction for years of reassured use and real weight-saving advantages. Whether you choose a regular gooseneck flatbed trailer or gooseneck low profile flatbed trailers, you are choosing the best. Save the hassle and go straight for the best with Alum-Line Gooseneck Low Profile Heavy Equipment Flatbed Trailers.

Gooseneck Low Profile Heavy Equipment Flatbed Trailers standard features include an all aluminum bed using tongue and groove extruded aluminum flooring with cross members built into the flooring every 4″. Other features of the gooseneck flatbed trailer are thick side and end rails, heavy duty stake pockets, 7000 lb. torsion axles, and more.Even though Alum-Line offers a long list of standard features, our ability to customize Aluminum Gooseneck Low Profile Heavy Equipment Flatbed Trailers is unmatched.

We have a knowledgeable sales staff on hand that would be happy to assist you with customizing your gooseneck flatbed trailer. Click on the “Specifications”┬átab for more information so you are ready to begin customizing your Gooseneck Low Profile Heavy Equipment Flatbed Trailers today.


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Main Construction Standard Feature Option
6’8″ Width Yes
8′ Width with fender cut outs Yes
Heavy-duty walk on fenders Yes
Non-skid tongue and groove aluminum extruded flooring Yes
2″ Wood with I-beams on 24″ centers Yes
Combination extruded aluminum and wood deck with crossmembers Yes
Axles and Rims Standard Feature Option
7,000# Rubber torsion axles Yes
8,000# Rubber torsion axles Yes
10,000# Single tire rubber torsion axles Yes
Triple axle set-up Yes
Steel rims with radial tires (see tire chart for specifications) Yes
Aluminum rims with radial tires Yes
Spare tire and carrier Yes
Brakes Standard Feature Option
Electric brakes on each axle Yes
Hydraulic brakes on each axle Yes
Elecdraulic brakes on each axle Yes
Tie Down System Standard Feature Option
Rub rail and stake pockets on 24″ centers Yes
3500# Recessed swivel tie rings Yes
Sliding aluminum wich track with sliding winches Yes
Ramps Standard Feature Option
Heavy-duty 6′ ramps with storage Yes
Heavy-duty 5′ Fold up ramps Yes
Gooseneck Options Standard Feature Option
8′ gooseneck nose assembly Yes
7′ Tapered aluminum deck over gooseneck Yes
2-5/16″ Ball type coupler Yes Yes
5th wheel type coupler Yes
Adjustable coupler Yes
Electrical and Wiring Standard Feature Option
Enclosed electrical wiring with connections junction box Yes
9 Sealed beam marker lights Yes
Extra marker lights Yes
4 Sealed beam stop/tail/turn lights Yes
L.E.D. light package Yes
Sealed beam reverse lights Yes
L.E.D. reverse light Yes
Turn indicator mounted in center of trailer on both sides Yes
Break-away switch and battery Yes
Safety chains Yes
Trickle charger for breakaway battery Yes
Landing Legs and Jacks Standard Feature Option
Heavy-duty spring loaded landing leg Yes
Extra landing leg 24′ and longer
Dual speed landing legs Yes
Electric operated hydraulic landing leg system Yes
Misc. Options Standard Feature Option
Winch bracket Yes Yes
6800# Winch with remote control and one roller at drop Yes
Underbed tool boxes Yes

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