Fleet Tracking & Telematics Solutions

Vehicle tracking is a cornerstone of safe fleet vehicle operations. There is no reason for fleets operators not to track the drivers and vehicles. Our Fleet telematics systems allow managers to track their equipment through GPS, Satellite and cellular tracking systems. All of our tracking systems have an integrated interface in which authorized personal can log in to our system and visibly track vehicles on a live computer map, contact drivers and immediately report maintenance issues to us without ever picking up the phone. With our integrated telematics solutions in place we are able to remotely monitor vehicle diagnostics and automatically notify you when a vehicle needs to be serviced.

By integrating our telematics solutions you’ll be able to assign employees to specific vehicles, track individual driver habits, you have the ability to monitor vehicle speed, vehicle braking, vehicle start/stops. We also offer route planning software in which drivers can input the address they are traveling to and they will be shown the most efficient route.

Other GPS & Tracking services we provide

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