Cargo Trailers

Alum-Line Bumper Pull Enclosed Cargo Trailers are an excellent trailer for all your hauling needs. Alum-Line provides you with all aluminum enclosed trailers to haul your cargo around easily. Thick side skin and specially designed extrusions give you satisfaction with the enclosed cargo trailers you have been looking for.

Bumper Pull Enclosed Cargo Trailers feature heavy duty aluminum construction as a standard feature. Built with durability in mind, this trailer will stand the test of time. Other standard features of all aluminum enclosed trailers include extruded tongue and groove aluminum flooring, one piece aluminum roof, choice of single or double rear doors, rubber torsion axles, radial trailer tires, and electric brakes.

Bumper Pull Enclosed Cargo Trailers are famous for their ability to customize. Click on the “Specifications”┬átab to see all of the great features and options that will help you design the all aluminum enclosed trailers to fit your specific needs. Start customizing your Alum-Line Bumper Pull Enclosed Cargo Trailers today.

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Main Construction Standard Feature Option
6’6″ Inside height Yes
Height increase and decrease on 6″ intervals Yes
5′ Width Up to 6′ long Yes
6′ Width Available
6’8″ Width Available
8′ Width Available
Non-skid tongue and groove aluminum extruded flooring Yes
2″ Wood floor with crossmembers on 12″ centers Yes
Dove tail or sloped floor option Yes
Tubular side posts on 16″ centers Yes
Tubular side posts on 24″ centers Yes
2″ x 5″ extruded tubular rear frame Yes
Rear rubber dock bumpers across lower rear frame with skid plate Yes
2′ Front V-nose Yes
4′ Front V-nose Yes
6′ Front V-nose Yes
Axles and Rims Standard Feature Option
3,500# Rubber torsion axles 6′ Wide
4,800# Rubber torsion axles Yes
7,000# Rubber torsion axles 18′ and longer
8,000# Rubber torsion axles Yes
10,000# Rubber torsion axles Yes
Triple axle set-up Yes
Steel rims with radial tires (see tire chart for specifications) Yes
Aluminum rims with radial tires Yes
Spare tire and carrier Yes
Brakes Standard Feature Option
Electric brakes on each axle Yes
Elecdraulic brakes on each axle Yes
Side Doors Standard Feature Option
Side entry door Yes
Extra side entry doors Yes
Camper style door with window and screen Yes
Pull-out side door step Yes
Side Loading and Unloading Ramp Yes
Front access door for front tie downs and winch access Yes
Fuel access doors on side of trailer for easier fuel hose access Yes
Generator door with louvered vent Yes
Vending doors Yes
Tie Down System Standard Feature Option
2000# Stainless steel recessed rope rings Yes
3500# Recessed swivel tie rings Yes
Tow-Rax tie down system on Yes
Aluminum E-track tie down system Yes
Steel E-track tie down system Yes
Rear Doors and Ramps Standard Feature Option
Double doors in rear opening Yes
Full swing rear door Yes
Rear rollup door Yes
Extra camlock on rear to swing rear door either end Yes
Transition plate on ramp from ramp to ground Yes
Spring assisted full fold up ramp Yes
Cable assisted full fold up ramp Yes
Ramp built into V-nose of trailer Yes
Hitch Options Standard Feature Option
2-5/16″ Ball type coupler Yes
Adjustable coupler Yes
Adjustable pintle hitch Yes
Side Construction and Venting Standard Feature Option
White baked enamel .040 aluminum outside skin Yes
Colored side sheets Yes
Aluminum lining on walls Yes
3/8″ Glassboard on walls Yes
3/8″ Plywood on walls Yes
Aluminum liner on ceiling Yes
Full insulation in walls of trailer Yes
Windows of different sizes with and without screens Yes
Aluminum 2-way roof scoops Yes
Crank up roof vents Yes
Electrical and Wiring Standard Feature Option
Enclosed electrical wiring with connections junction box Yes
One inside dome light Yes
Extra inside dome lights Yes
11 Sealed beam marker lights Yes
Extra marker lights Yes
4 Sealed beam stop/tail/turn lights Yes
L.E.D. light package Yes
Sealed beam reverse lights Yes
L.E.D. reverse light Yes
External loading lights Yes
Break-away switch and battery Yes
Safety chains Yes
Trickle charger for breakaway battery Yes
110 Plug-in inside Yes
RV entrance plug-in Yes
4′ Fluorescent lights Yes
11″ Round lights Yes
Breaker box Yes
Landing Legs and Jacks Standard Feature Option
Heavy-duty crank up tongue jack Yes
Castor wheel jack Yes
Rear 2000# stabilizer jacks Yes
Misc. Options Standard Feature Option
24″ Rock guard Yes
Roll out awnings Yes
Roof AC with heat strip (13,500 BTU) Yes
Trunk style, hitch storage compartment with lock Yes
Winch bracket Yes
6800# Winch with remote control and one roller at drop Yes
Tool hooks Yes
Tool trays Yes
Inside cabinets boxes made from aluminum or wood Yes