Cab Guard Semi Cab Protectors

The Alum-Line All Aluminum Cab Guard Semi Cab Protectors are built with the same design, quality materials, and workmanship as all of our aluminum products. When weight, maintenance, and strength are considered, nothing compares to the Alum-Line Cab Guard Semi Cab Protectors. You can’t go wrong with these heavy duty Semi Cab Protectors. The All Aluminum Cab Guard Semi Cab Protectors are proven performers in rugged use. With Alum-Line you get a professional, aluminum look with style and strength. Our 6″ I-Beam mounting sills are the strongest in the trucking industry. With the strong and durable all aluminum construction of the Cab Guard Semi Cab Protectors, you will be fully satisfied. Click on the “Specifications” tab to view all of the options available and to see more information about your All Aluminum Cab Guard Semi Cab Protectors and begin building your Alum-Line Semi Cab Protectors today.

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Main Construction Standard Feature Option
Three recessed, rubber sealed doors with dividers between compartments yes
Two stainless steel T-handle latches per door. Three heavy duty stainless steel hinges per door yes
All .125 treadbrite aluminum construction or .125 smooth aluminum yes
Note: extra gussetting, welding, and reinforcing where needed yes
Accessories Standard Feature Option
Frame mount step (2 step) weight 9 pounds yes
Frame deck covers yes
Treadbrite with rolled edges yes
a. 24″L x 35″W yes
b. 36″L x 35″W yes
c. 48″L x 35″W yes
Call for custom sixes. All sizes of tool boxes available. yes

Popular Sizes

Upright Cab Protectors:

  • Cab Guard 64” H x 70” W
  • Cab Guard 68” H x 82” W
  • Cab Guard 68” H x 88” W

Upright Cab Protector With Drom

  • 68”H x 88”W x 12” drom
  • 68”H x 88”W x 24” drom
  • 68”H x 82”W x 12” drom
  • 68”H x 82”W x 24” drom
  • Add per foot of drom

Other custom sizes and Designs available.
Please ask about your own particular needs!



12”D x 65”H x 82”W
a. with 24” drom (12” step)
b. with 36” drom (24” step)

18”D x 65”H x 82”W
a. with 24” drom (6” step)
b. with 36” drom (24” step)

Optional 8” tall light box (6 S/T/T. 5 red markers)

Note: Custom sizes and extra doors avaiable. Optional combinations of smooth diamond plate shelving, trays, and chain hangers and mirror stainless doors.

Other custom lengths, width, and depths available.

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