Black Box Data Services

Redundant Tracking System

Imagine having the ability the ability to track individual vehicles or assets on your trailer; Imagine not having to worry about high value vehicles or assets while there on the move. Well put your mind at ease, because at Indiana Motor Trucks we have the ability to keep your vehicles & assets safe at the stroke of a key.

With our redundant tracking system(s) as a specified vehicle or asset leaves the trailer you will immediately know about it. Each high value vehicle or asset will be fitted with one or multiple live GPS or Satellite tracking systems giving you peace of mind and the ability to keep track of your vehicles or assets at all times.

If in incident should occur your company’s dispatch, & whomever else is deemed necessary will be immediately notified.  With our tracking systems, your vehicles or assets will be safeguarded & you will be in complete control over who sees the information.


Black Box Data Services


At Indiana Motor Trucks our “Black Box” data services can protect you legally and financially. With our “black box” data services as soon as an accident or incident occurs you will be provided with the data leading up to, during & after the incident. Such data includes driver habits leading up to the incident/accident, vehicle speed & video footage. The afore mentioned options are just a few of the options & services Indiana Motor Trucks can provide to you. Our “black box” data services can also protect your company from frivolous lawsuits by giving you the ability to provide you’re Insurance company & legal team the ability to reconstruct the crash or incident with actual data leading up to, during and after the incident or accident.   At Indiana Motor Trucks, it is our number priority to keep your company’s assets and personnel safe. Don’t hesitate to protect your fleet today.